Biju Pattanaik College, Antei, is one of the premier Colleges of Odisha. The College was set up under the leadersihip of Biju Babu in 1980. It is the only College which was established when Biju Babu, the legendary figure of Odisha was alive. It is located as the embankment of river Paika to the South and Chitrotpala, the holy river to the North. It is only - 12 Kms away from the NH - 5(A) Chandiknole and Paradip. The objective of the College is to impart quality education and be a model as a centre of learning and culture. Undoubtly, Biju Babu was proud of Odisan culture, history and its identity as a unique territory. We, the members of the staff, our esteemed Principal and young students have been trying their level best to boast the image of the College in various fields : quality education, sports, cultural activities and above all intimate relation among teachers, students and guardians.

Since its inception, it has been catering to the needs of the marginalized sections of the society : rural girls and economically backward students' community.

The campus here is free from all kinds of external disturbances caused by unruly public. The makers of this institution had rosy dreams and we the people who are on campus are trying to materialize their dreams. The College surrounded by trees and gardens offers the glimpse of eco-friendliness. We are with Nature and in the midst of Nature we are trying to conserve the beauty and bounty of Nature. It herelds the message of pollution free society. "Live yourself and Let others live" is our slogan.

The shining students of our College have struct headlines of our dalilies. Our students are enthusiastic to participate in co-curricular, extra-curricular and cultural programme.

The vision and mission of each College goer-be student or teacher or guardian is laudable. Each one is preoccupied with the fundamental objective of education which is based upon the idea of originality, innovativeness, acquisition of skills, defusion of knowledge and above all expansion of human values.

The teachers of this institution work round the Clock for the glory of the College. Each name is special.

Our Library is the store house of knowledge and information. The teachers as well as the students have ease access to it.

To sum up, ours is a unique educational institution. Each faculty who is involved in the programmes of the College thinks of its distinctiveness, novelty and speciality. Hence, it is just like a polestar' which guides every wandering bark - the bank here signifies the scholarzipsy.

Nodoubt, it leads the other institutions of learning as Biju Babu its founder father was leading to Odishan along the track of progress.


It gives me an immense pleasure that Biju Pattanaik College, Antei, is progressing day by day in order to materialise the dreams of Biju Babu, the founder of the institution and the legendary figure of Odisha. I hope, the College will emerge as the centre of learning and culture as visualised by Biju Pattanaik.

Principal (I/C).